Education Gifts for Kids

STEM learning is educational and fun.  These toys will keep your child entertained and their mind engaged.

Barbie STEM
Each Barbie STEM kit comes with a 32-page, full-color storybook manual. Learn important engineering lessons as you build 7 models and conduct more than 10 science and art experiments. Models include a spinning dress rack, jewelry holder, hammock, washing machine, and rotating dress design platform, and are compatible with the Barbie Dream House. Includes Barbie scientist doll.

Brakits Driver Set
Unleash your child’s unlimited potential with award-winning Brackitz! Brackitz is a toy that encourages children to create, invent, and, experiment. Unlike other building toys, Brackitz’ unique connect-anywhere system allows builders of all ages to design and construct any structure they can imagine.

Code & Go
Build your maze, and then use the coding cards to create a step-by-step path for the Programmable Robot Mouse to find the cheese! This deluxe set includes 30 double-sided coding cards, 10 double-sided Activity Cards, cheese wedge, and Activity Guide to provide the perfect hands-on introduction to coding concepts. Create endless maze path possibilities with 16 maze grids, 22 maze walls, and 3 tunnels.

CogniToys Dino
Each Dino comes with a variety of custom modules to engage kids in educational play including problem-solving challenges, geography games, historical fun facts and more. Once the Dino is configured using the CogniToys App, it presents age appropriate content from the first "hello!"

COJI the coding robot teaches your child to program using the language of emoji's. Your junior coder will have fun problem-solving using the app to control COJI's actions. COJI also reacts to physical stimulation such as tilting and shaking - simply hilarious. "LOL" as COJI steals your "heart" with pre-programmed reactions.

This award-winning coding toy that teaches computer programming to preschoolers in more than 90 countries, is making its U.S. debut in November. A Montessori approved S.T.E.M. toy, Cubetto helps children ages three years and up write their first computer programs without using any screens.

Emma’s Townhouse and Cotton Candy Carnival
A wired building set that inspires open-ended, hands-on play while showing girls that creativity and engineering are fun!  Originally designed by two women (engineers with degrees from MIT, Caltech and Stanford), Roominate inspires the next generation to have fun with STEM. Over 125 pieces to build your own structure!

This astonishing wall-climbing robot has a motorized air suction system that enables it to walk vertically up and down perfectly smooth surfaces, like glass, plastic, whiteboards, and glossy laminates. You can build six other models and conduct experiments with suction to learn about air pressure and the mechanical physics of this unique device. A 24-page, full-color manual guides you through model building with step-by-step illustrated instructions and provides scientific information and explanations.

Human Body Lab
With this hands-on kit and tour guide, kids enter the twisted world of the human body! Complete with removable squishy vital organs as well as representative skeletal, vascular and muscular systems, kids explore the complex inner workings of the human body and literally see how they all go together!

New for 2016, SmartGames brings hugs and kisses to the best-selling IQ series with IQ XOXO. Players are challenged fill the grid with 10 colorful, double-sided pentomino pieces, leaving X’s and O’s in sequence. Featuring 120 challenges! Includes 1 compact game board with lid, 10 puzzle pieces and 1 booklet with 120 challenges and solutions.

Little Scholar Tablet
Get ready for school success with this educational tablet for children featuring reading, math, spelling, science, logic, geography, creativity, and more!! Whether your little scholar is in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade, he or she will love the 150+ preloaded apps, eBooks, songs, and videos. These apps combine progressive challenge with playful creativity using exciting activities, charming animations, and audio praise.

MAGFORMERS are easy to use and never frustrating, plus they’re designed for brain development!  The patented MAGFORMERS magnets are housed in colorful, high quality ABS plastic. They always attract and never repel, so the moment any two pieces touch they connect so play time is always creative, stimulating, and constructive. Building with MAGFORMERS engages mathematical and scientific thought, deductive reasoning, and requires use of spatial awareness.

Mental Blox 360
This brain-boosting, make-you-think, point-of-view game challenges players to build 3-D puzzles from different visual perspectives. Forty double-sided cards feature the puzzle on the front and the solution on the back. Three levels of play sharpen spatial visualization, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Includes 15 Colorful blocks and Activity Guide.

Piper Computer Kit
It’s the world’s first hands-on DIY electronics kit for kids to learn engineering through Minecraft. Once assembled, users advance through the game by building hardware additions and circuits.  Piper gives real-time interactive feedback to ensure the electronics are built correctly.   No dangerous soldering required.    Integrates seamlessly into STEM education curriculum giving kids hands-on experience learning 21st century skills like critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.

Young Architect City Planner
Use colored pencils, templates and traceables to design and layout your town, then organize your 3D buildings. Create your own unique buildings by stacking 7 different structures in innumerable ways! Add vinyl cling facades to detail offices, apartments, stores, fire stations and more. Includes 49 stackable buildings and all the add-ons you’ll need for hours of imaginative playtime!

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