Brian Basham

What’s not to love about being a Chief Meteorologist in Charlotte? The rivers, lakes, and rolling hills are beautiful in every season, the ever-changing weather-patterns keep work interesting, and the people are full of Southern hospitality and serve some great barbecue.

My road to the best job in the Queen City started with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Northern Arizona University. During my time as a proud Lumberjack, I played trombone in the marching band and did a fair amount of skiing (fun weather fact—yes, there is snow in Arizona!).

From there I completed the Broadcast Meteorology program at Mississippi State and took my first weather job as Morning Meteorologist in El Paso, Texas. After that I spent three years doing the weekday morning weather in Tucson, Arizona. And that was when I realized that forecasting in the desert, where you get a handful of good rainstorms a year, isn’t that exciting. (I know, it seems like a weather guy should have foreseen that problem, doesn’t it?) So, my family and I hit the road for Memphis, where tornadoes, flood conditions, and ice-storms are only part of the fun.

Four years later, I was thrilled to join My Fox Carolinas in the land of Bojangle’s biscuits and Terrace Café red velvet waffles (I just realized, I’m writing a lot about food for a work bio. Your fault, Charlotte, for having such great restaurants!)

My proudest achievement, however, still has to be my college job as a jungle cruise skipper at Disneyland. As I continually like to remind my wife, the female staffers that summer voted me “guy they’d most like to be stranded on Tom Sawyer’s island with.” She usually responds, “It’s been 20 years. Give it a rest.”).

If you see me out and about with my beautiful wife, Megan, two of the cutest (and loudest) little girls in the world, or a dog with the worst breath in the world, don’t be afraid to come up and say hi. If you’re lucky (or maybe unlucky) I’ll even dust off a few of those old jungle cruise jokes for you.

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