Brien Blakely

The saying goes 'home is where the heart is'…and, your family.

I'm blessed to be back in Charlotte as the Morning Anchor and Digital Journalist for Good Day Charlotte. Before coming home I worked for the Fox station in Seattle. And, I've worked for stations in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Bristol, Va. I spent a good portion of my career in Hollywood where I hosted several TV shows including HGTV’s Weekend Warriors, E! News Daily and BattleDome – and I appeared on network shows such as The Practice, Roswell, and the X-Files.

I’m a ‘news junkie.’  News is always ON at our house. But, I do not consider my job 'work.' It's fun, rewarding and I'm very fortunate to do what I love every day. Work is good for the soul.

My wife and I have a wonderful son Wes, who is the love of our life. Every day watching him grow up brings us a new way to smile. Our ideal day is to have all our friends bring their kids over to the house for a Pool/BBQ party on a Saturday afternoon.

If I'm not in the backyard, I'm playing golf, usually bad golf, but hey, a day on the golf course is still far better than sitting behind a desk.

I grew up in SW Va and went to Western Kentucky University. I’m a proud Hilltopper, and yes it’s the school with the big red blob for a mascot.

I love telling good stories, stories that need to be told, so if you have one let me know.

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