Recipe: Red Wine Glazed Short Rib


·         1 ea. 5-6 oz. Short Rib portion

·         2 oz. Short Rib Sauce

·         2 oz. Chicken Stock

·         2 Fl. Oz. Spring Pea Cream

·         2 oz. Roasted Tricolor Carrots

·         2 oz. Fingerling Potatoes

·         1 tsp. Olive Oil

·         1 tsp. Whole Butter

·         ⅛ tsp. Kosher Salt

·         ⅛ tsp. Ground Black Pepper

·         8-10 leaves Red Sorrel



1.      In an 8” sauté pan, place 1 portion of short ribs and the stock and sauce.

2.      Over medium high heat, cover and heat until the meat is hot throughout and the sauce thickens slightly (about 6-7 minutes)

3.      OR, over medium-high heat, bring the sauce to a boil and cover then place in an oven to finish until the meat is hot throughout and the sauce thickens slightly. Then carefully coat the short rib with the sauce on the stove top to glaze.

4.      While the short ribs are heating; in an 8” sauté pan, heat 1 tsp. olive oil with the peas, carrots and potatoes.

5.      Add 1 tsp. whole butter and season with salt and pepper. Heat the vegetables until hot throughout.



1.      Spread the 2 Fl. Oz. of Pea Cream in the center of the plate.

2.      Place the short ribs in the center of the plate.

3.      Carefully pour the sauce over the ribs; having some pouring onto the plate and pea sauce is OK.

4.      Place the vegetables and potatoes on top of the short ribs.

5.      Garnish with 8-10 leaves of red sorrel.

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