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Benne Seed Crusted Yellowfin Tuna , Ramp Top and Sorrel Chimichurri, Breakfast Radish, Sorrel, Pickled Ramps

Rub a 5oz portion of Yellowfin Tuna with olive oil, salt, and toasted benne seeds, Sear on medium heat until medium rare. 

Make a salad of picked sorrel, radish, and pickled ramps with olive oil and kosher salt

Top with Ramp Top and Sorrel Chimichurri 

Ramp Top and Sorrel Chimichurri

2 bunch parsley- rough chopped

2 bunch cilantro -rough chopped 

1 small red onion - small dice

15 leaves of sorrel- rough chopped

15 ramp tops - rough chopped 

1 oz dry oregano

5 cloves garlic- grated on a microplane

1 T crushed red pepper

blend oil to cover

salt to taste 


2nd dish:


Spring Chopped Salad

Boy and Girl Farm Romaine Lettuce

Tega Hill Farms Lolla Rosa


Spring onions



B&B Pickle Chow Chow 

Lime Pickled Red Onions 


Buttermilk Garlic Dressing 

The amounts of lettuce and produce is up to you, add just enough dressing to coat lettuce and produce. Salt to taste 

Assemble as salad on your preferred bowl or plate. 


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