Your body is a temple

It's Wednesday night at Antioch Baptist Church in Carroll County, which means faith, then food. 
But most church spreads don't look like this. Lots of vegetables, baked chicken, fruit.
So why the makeover?  Antioch's longtime Pastor Vincent Dortch says the church realized too many members were struggling with chronic diseases -- and had no idea how live healthier.
"I said casually and jokingly all the time, 'We have the spiritual part down, but when it comes to our health, we've got issues,'" says Dortch.
Because the Bible Belt is also the Stroke Belt.  That's why Mahiyah Clark is here.  the community outreach coordinator with Tanner Health System comes to Antioch -- to teach weekly classes on everything from nutrition and pre-diabetes -- to how to get active - to how to quit smoking.
"I think it's significant in this area, because you're already meeting people where they are," says Clark "It's the Bible belt, they're going to be here on Sunday and Wednesday, so if you're going to have a class, that's the best time to have it."
But the pastor adds this new way of eating was hard for some to swallow.
"It was a challenge.  And the first challenge was when we introduced it on one of our major annual days, it was homecoming."
Dortch declared there would be more fried chicken on the church menu.
"I was crucified, buried, resurrected, but they understood," said Dortch.
Because members started seeing results.
"Some that was on medicine, they found they were able to reduce the amount of medicine they were on. Some that had weight issues they saw a difference as far as losing weight," 
Willie Nelson, who's been struggling with type 2 diabetes for 30 years, now has his blood sugar under control, and needs fewer pills every day.  All by changing his eating and slimming down
"When I first started, I was right at 230.  And the last time I weighed I was at 191, 192," says Nelson "And when I lost the weight, it made me feel good."
That's the goal here:  to use faith to help people feel -- and live -- better.
"I think when you look at your health and the spiritual part, if you can get those two in sync, it makes life worth living."
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