25,000 people attend Women's March On Charlotte


"We want to be heard" was the theme of the women's march in Charlotte with many women chanting for pro-choice rights to equality in the work place.

“This is only my second time marching but we need to be heard," Marcher Sandra Greenblatt said.

"Listen to us. There are problems you may not even know exists if you don't listen to us,” Marcher Marie Boucher said

Many out here because of fears their rights could be taken away with the new presidential administration.

“We don't want to lose, the women before us have fought since the 1800 for the right to vote, for the right to drink, for the right to work outside the home," Marcher Marie Johannes said

“I just feel like, he's only going to be talking to the people who supported him and I don't like that he says that the people who didn't support him or anybody who criticizes him is the enemy," Greenblatt said.

“It's not about an election it's about the people who support somebody who represent what he represents. It's dangerous for us to forget, where we came from and it took a lot of work for, a lot of different groups, not just women but in this particular case for women we've come so far but it's so easy to lose that progress," Boucher said.

These marchers hope local leader and national leaders take heed seeing so many people stand together in solidarity.

"I’m really hoping that our new president and our republican congress will realize that not everyone agrees with them," Greenblatt said.

"We have almost 10,000 people out her asking for their city leaders to take action. We are asking our city leaders to do something they've never done before and that’s fight off some of the harmful that could be coming out of the white house," Charlotte against Hate’s Andrew Fede said.

While it's a women's march, other groups like charlotte against hate and the LGBT community came in to support because they say there is power in numbers.

"LGBT rights are human rights. Women rights are human rights, criminal justice reform those are civil rights and equality. These are thing that we are all trying to work together; these are things that the trump administrations are focusing on like a laser on destroying and tearing it down. It's only intelligent for us to come together and share resources and fight the same fight because we are all fighting for the same thing, equality," Charlotte against Hate’s Andrew Fede said.



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