Community works to help 4-year-old boy with genetic disorder

- FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results for families in need. When Logan Neely was born, all signs pointed to a healthy baby boy. But it soon became apparent that Logan wasn't healthy and now his family must care for him around the clock. 

4-year-old Logan Neely suffers from a genetic disorder where his brain hasn't developed like a normal health child.

“Everything he gets food wise, fluid wise, normally goes in his tube."

Logan suffers epileptic seizures, has low muscle tone that makes him fragile like a rag doll, and he gets chronic lung infections.

“We carry on conversations with him, he just doesn’t with us."

Logan needs care 24/7. It's all in for the family - dad Larry, a sergeant with the Tega Police Department, brother Tyler and mom Melissa. 

For Melissa, she believes that God won't give what you can't handle.

"I hope I can do it, as long as he’s here, we don’t have a lifespan of how long he may live. But we just keep doing what we’re doing."

Lisa Sexton from All Things Possible Ministry wants to get results for the Neely family. Right now, they rarely got out together as a family, even to the grocery store.

“See once we put his wheelchair in it that’s it, nothing else can fit in it?"

Melissa's 2005 sedan has over 200,000 miles. It's not the easiest or safest to travel with Logan who has to see doctors once a week an hour away, and the car seat they use doesn't fully protect someone like Logan with his disabilities. 

The ministry has started a medical fundraiser to help the Neely's get a custom car seat that's safe for Logan, also a proper vehicle to travel, a used mini-van large enough to put the whole family in, Logan's wheelchair and even some groceries. 

"A 100 percent of the money that comes in for a medical campaign that we’re about to do for the Neely’s, 100 percent goes toward their needs," Sexton said. 

Needs the Neely's said would be a gift from above. 

“We appreciate everything. It's been a long road and its going to get longer.”

If you would like to help, please click here. 


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