The Americans with Charlie LeDuff

RNC protester makes bold statement - kindness

  • Where are all the real men?

  • RNC in Cleveland: a hot, boiling pot

  • Killing each other isn't the answer

  • Can Trump win Ohio without any black support?

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The Americans with Charlie LeDuff

  • An American story about an American crisis: inside America's largest jailhouse

  • Flint fix slows to a trickle

  • Foreclosed on grandma now lives in van

  • Oh, Canada

Local News


    Missing K9 found dead near home

  • WATCH: Auburndale horse plays in Michigan snow

  • South Carolina serial killer Todd Kohlhepp says there are more victims

  • Young heart transplant recipient honors donor with Christmas ornaments

Other News

  • ltbaspotter | Flickr

    Delta plane diverted hundreds of miles for potty break

  • Chainsaw-wielding clown rips open boy's face when 'House of Scares' goes wrong in Mexico

  • Silence Breakers named Time magazine's Person of the Year

  • Florida opossum found drunk after liquor store break-in


Posted: Dec 11 2017 06:52PM EST

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Suspect's home searched

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  • Police and federal agents searched the home of Akayed Ullah. He is an immigrant from Bangladesh and lives in Brooklyn. He has been in the United States for about seven years. Police said that Ullah was wearing what was described as a crude explosiv

    Suspect's home searched

  • A man set off an explosive device that was strapped on his body in the subway system in the Times Square area during the busy Monday morning rush-hour commute. The suspect is reportedly an ISIS-inspired immigrant from Bangladesh and lives in Brooklyn

    Pipe bomb blast probe

  • The FDNY said that a pipe bomb injured the bomber and three other people. Medics took the suspected bomber to a hospital. The hurt bystanders left the area themselves and went to hospitals. Two victims went to Mt. Sinai West and the third to Mt. Sina

    Explosion injuries

  • The Tampa Bay area experienced its coldest weekend of the winter season. By Sunday morning, many were trying to keep warm, including manatees. Incredible video shared by Discover Crystal River Florida on Facebook showed a group of manatees gathered t

    Manatees cuddle to stay warm in Three Sisters Springs

  • Snowy conditions and chilly temperatures might make some miserable, but not so much for others. Bella, a rescue horse from Hope Equine Rescue in Auburndale, may be from the Sunshine State, but she was clearly enjoying the white blanket of snow in Mas

    WATCH: Auburndale horse plays in Michigan snow

  • Firefighters from Southland agencies remained in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties on Monday to assist in efforts to contain what has grown into the fifth largest wildfire in modern California history, authorities said.

    'Thomas Fire' grows to 230,000 acres, 10% contained

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