Dumped pit bull in Huntersville needs help, a loving home

- Pets left abandoned at a local nature preserve - A viewer reached out to FOX 46 Charlotte saying unwanted dogs and cats were being left to fend for themselves in the area. Volunteers and employees at the preserve are helping as much as possible when they find the animals but are struggling with options for them with overcrowding at local shelters and rescues.

FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results for a pit bull that was dumped at the Huntersville Nature Preserve. The dog was found injured and needs surgery. He also needs a new home.

The Latta Nature Preserve covers more than 1,400 acres so it’s nearly impossible for the county to monitor everyone who comes in.

"People are abandoning their pets. They're dumping them here at Latta Nature Preserve and just leaving them to fend for themselves and it's really a heartbreaking situation,” a member with the preserve said.

More than half a dozen cats and dogs have been rescued and those are just the ones found by visitors or employees. The dumped pets become prey or predators for the other animals at the preserve.

"He sustained an injury. We don't know if it was out here or not but he can't put any weight on his back leg at all so he's going to have to have surgery. So, that's just another one of the risks that happens when people dump their pets here. They get hurt or if they already have health issues it gets worse and you have to rely on the kindness of strangers and hope that someone finds them in time.”

Andrea Kilgore is fostering Hercules who was found on Saturday. In addition to his leg, he has several bite marks, as well as a rope burn on his neck.

"We're looking for a home for him. We've checked with several rescues in the area. We've also been working with the Humane Society to try to get him in somewhere and unfortunately they're all full. The Human Society does have openings but they need a healthy animal to take in and he's not healthy right now,” Kilgore said.

Kilgore started a GoFundMe page to raise money for Hercules’ surgery. She already has several rescue pets and can’t keep him. Despite being abandoned she says he’s still loveable.  

"He was dumped. He was abandoned and dumped and had a rough life and he's still full of kisses and wags and just loveable. He's a big giant puppy. He doesn't realize his size; he just wants to be on your lap and with his people and licking your face off," Kilgore said. 

Dumping your pets is illegal. For people who need to re-home their pets, you can reach out to rescue shelters and the humane society.

Want to help Hercules? To visit the GoFundMe page, CLICK HERE!

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