Girl Sent Home From Prom Over Violation Of Dress Code

MUSKEGON, Mich.--A high school senior in Michigan says she was sent home from prom on Friday night after she was told her dress was too revealing. The school told her the dress was in violation of the dress code.

Mireya Briceno's mother, Connie, said her daughter went over the rules beforehand and thought the dress was up to the school's standards. One of the school rules says that no midriff should be exposed, which includes midriff through sheer material. Connie says the Mireya's midriff wasn't showing, only her side could be seen in her dress.

"When you look in the mirror, there should be no skin showing around the midriff area," her mother told FOX 17. "When her arms were down, you couldn't see any skin."

According to her mother, she doesn't know why her daughter was sent home. Connie says pictures show several other girls with similar dresses who were allowed to stay, including girls with sheer see-through material over their midriffs.

Muskegon High School Principal Brad Perkins told FOX 17 two other girls were sent home from prom because of a dress code violation; however, they were allowed back in later with different dresses. According to the principal, Mireya wore her date's jacket to get inside , but removed it once she was in the prom. The principal also says when Mireya was asked by the vice principal if she wore the jacket because she knew she was in violation of the dress code, Mireya responded, "Yes." But according to Connie, she wore the jacket because it was cold and took it off at the front door.

Connie says her daughter's night was ruined and she'll never be able to get her senior prom night back. See photos of the dress in the slideshow above.

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