"We'll see what happens." 911 tapes released in shooting death of store intruder

- The 911 tapes in the shooting death of an intruder by a Charlotte business owner were released Tuesday morning to the public. 

Alan Corder is out of jail and his store, the American Beauty Garden Center, is back open. A reported break-in ended in shots fired back on August 6. 

The owner, Corder, is now charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of 20-year-old Justin Anderson. 

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"In this instance, Justin was outside the building. He wasn't in the building. Mr. Corder was outside the building," the attorney for Anderson's family said. 

Anderson's attorney said the shooting ended in the parking lot off East Independence Blvd. Police said the bust started inside. Corder was the one who called CMPD to report the robbery while he watched Anderson break into his story from security cameras. 

Transcript from first 911 call made by Corder: 

911 Operator: Charlotte 911. Do you need police, fire or medic? 

Corder: I need police. I need police at my business. There's someone who has broken into my store. 

911 Operator: What's the address? 

Corder: 4400 East Independence Blvd. 

911 Operator: Can you repeat the address for me? 

Corder: 4400 East Independence Blvd. There's somebody in there right now. 

911 Operator: I understand. What is the name of the business? 

Corder: American Beauty Garden Center. 

911 Operator: "Inaudible"

Corder: What's that? 

911 Operator: Stay on the line with me. Somebody else is getting help started that way. Do you know what they look like? 

Corder: No. I just saw him in my camera. I can't see him that well. 

911 Operator: Are you there? 

Corder: No, I am on my way there. 

911 Operator: Alright. I looks like the alarm company is calling in as well. Is the person male or female?

Corder: It looks like a male. 

911 Operator: What's your name? 

Corder: My name is Alan Corder. 

911 Operator: And what kind of vehicle are you going to be in? 

Corder: A Maxda 3.

911 Operator: What color? 

Corder: Uhh..it's kind of brown I guess. 

911 Operator: And how long is it going to take you to get there? 

Corder: Umm five, six minutes. 

911 Operator: Alright. The police are in route but I am advising you that it would be best for you to wait until the police get there and not to approach the building until they get there to identity yourself. Alright? 

Corder: We'll see what happens when I get there. 

911 Operator: OK. Are you armed? Do you have a weapon? 

Corder: I do have a weapon. 

911 Operator: Alright. I'll advise police. 

Corder: Thank you. 

Corder beat police to the scene and called back saying he shot the intruder.

Transcript from second 911 call made by Corder: 

Corder: Hello? 

911 Operator: Hi this is Charlotte 911. We have received the call. Is everything OK? 

Corder: He just ran out of the store, ran at me. I shot at him like three or four times. I think I may have hit him. 

911 Operator: Umm where are you sir? 

Corder: I'm at my store. 

911 Operator: OK. You shot at him? 

Corder. Yes, I did. I pulled up in front of the building. He came running out the door straight at me. 

911 Operator: OK. Did you...do you see where he's at right now? 

Corder: Police just pulled up right now. I'm going to have to call my wife to get my ID. I don't have my driver's license. 

911 Operator: Sir, I need to make sure you don't have that gun in your hand. 

Corder: I do not have it in my hand. 

911 Operator: OK. And did you see where he went? 

Corder: He ran to the back of my building. 

911 Operator: Sir, he's in the back of the building? 

Corder: He ran back down that way to the side of...

911 Operator: OK. Sir...

Corder: I'm in front of my store. The cops are here. 

911 Operator: OK sir, go and talk to them. 

Corder: OK, thank you. 

911 Operator: Thank you, bye. 

Transcript from 911 call made by CPI Security: 

911 Operator: Charlotte police landline. Is your alarm Charlotte, Davidson or Huntersville? 

CPI Security: Charlotte. 

911 Operator: And what's the address you have listed? 

CPI Security: It is 4400 East Independence Blvd. This is actually a confirmed break-in. 

911 Operator: OK and uh...alright. What's the business? 

CPI Security: The American Beauty Garden Center. 

911 Operator: I'm sorry, American Beauty what? 

CPI Security: Garden Center. 

911 Operator: Garden Center? 

CPI Security: Yes. 

911 Operator: OK. And umm you said it's a confirmed break-in? 

CPI Security: Yes, we have video verification of a masked individual actually beating on the front door. 

911 Operator: OK. 

CPI Security: And breaking the front glass so it's like...

911 Operator: Is he still on scene? 

CPI Security: Uhh..let me see here. Actually yes, still on sight. 

911 Operator: OK. Where is he at? Is he in the store or still outside? 

CPI Security: In the store. Looks like he's looking around for something. Actually, he's got a cart of stuff. 

911 Operator: Can you tell if he's white, black, or Hispanic? 

CPI Security: No, he's completely covered up. 

911 Operator: OK and dark clothing? 

CPI Security: Yes, dark clothing. Like a mask or yeah..he's wearing some kind of mask over his face. Looks like he's going out the back. 

911 Operator: With the cart? 

CPI Security: Yes. 

911 Operator: You didn't see anybody else out there with him, did you? 

CPI Security: No. 

911 Operator: OK. Alright. What alarm company are you with? 

CPI Security: CPI. 

911 Operator: OK. And you don't have anymore video of him other than he went out the back with a cart full of items? 

CPI Security: Actually, he went back to the front. He's gone back to the front door. And he's exciting out the front door right now. 

911 Operator: Is he pushing the cart? 

CPI Security: Um...now he's coming back in. Interesting. 

911 Operator: That's crazy. 

CPI Security: [Laughs] So he's turning back. 

911 Operator: He is still lugging the cart around or is it? 

CPI Security: He's like behind a shelf. 

911 Operator: OK. We've already had officers dispatched. If you don't mind, can I keep you on the phone since he's still in the business? 

CPI Security: No, that's fine. 

911 Operator: My operator number is 1830.

CPI Security: Actually...he's back at the shelves. He's pulling like jugs of chemicals off the shelves. 

911 Operator: OK. It looks like somebody else called it in. I was looking at the call. I can't tell if it was somebody that just happened to be passing by is what it looks like, and called it in as well. Oh wait, oh no, the owner is calling it in. He called it in. He's got a camera as well. OK. 

CPI Security: Yeah, he probably got notification of the alarm when we got it. 

911 Operator: Alright. 

[Some seconds go by] 

CPI Security: He's still in there. 

911 Operator: Can you tell what part of? I don't know how big that store is. What part of the store he's at? I know he's by a shelf. 

CPI Security: Yeah, the store appears to be very small. There's just one row of shelves down the middle of the store. Honestly, it's just an image of the front. 

911 Operator: OK. 

CPI Security: Somebody in a car just pulled up. Oh, it's an officer. Looks like he's got a weapon drawn. 

911 Operator: OK. 

CPI Security: Uhh..actually I don't know if that's an officer. 

911 Operator: I wonder if it's the security company. 

CPI Security: There's been no back door activation yet so I don't think he's exited the premises. 

911 Operator: OK.

[Some seconds go by] 

911 Operator: Alright, is that person who pulled up still there? 

CPI Security: Yeah, they're still there. Yeah. 

911 Operator: And it looked like they had a gun? 

CPI Security: They...it looked like he was drawing his hands out like he had a weapon. It was very far away. 

911 Operator: Hmm mm. OK. I wonder if it's some kind of security company. 

[Some seconds go by] 

911 Operator: Is he at the front of the store? 

CPI Security: Yes, he has yet to go in. 

911 Operator: OK. It looks like one of my officers just hit his arrival. I'm on the phone with the alarm company. I don't know who that was. Somebody shot at the suspect. 

[Some seconds go by] 

CPI Security: Oh...so that explains why we got that glass-break alarm again. 

911 Operator: I wonder if that was..I wonder if that's pulled up. Alright well, I'm not seeing any notes added but anyway. The officers have hit their arrival. 

CPI Security: Yeah. I can see them out there. 

911 Operator: Alright well, I guess that's it. Operator number again is 1830. 

CPI Security: Alright thank you. Now if you need the video we can email to any of the officers if they need it, if needed.  

911 Operator: Alright. I will make a notation of that. Alright? 

CPI Security: Thank you. 

911 Operator: Thank you, bye. 

CPI Security: Bye. 

The judge in Corder's trial ruled that the 911 tapes be released this week. 

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