Clover School District calls emergency meeting with parents in response to FOX 46 report

- Clover School District held an emergency meeting with parents at Larne Elementary Friday night, less than 24 hours after a FOX 46 special report detailed allegations of abuse of autistic students at the school.

Read the results of our three month investigation here.

Clover School District denied all allegations of abuse or mistreatment of students.

FOX 46 was kicked off district property by Clover police when we showed up at the school.

District officials said we weren’t invited, and weren’t allowed on district property.

The only people allowed inside the meeting were parents of children currently enrolled at Larne Elementary.

Parents inside the meeting told FOX 46 between 40-50 parents attended, and that several people were turned away.

"To me, if you're having a transparent meeting, you let everybody in, and you talk it through, that didn't happen tonight,” said Matt Aldridge.

Aldridge’s daughter Maddie is a double amputee who attends Larne Elementary, so he was allowed inside the meeting.

Aldridge told FOX 46 he has had his own problems with the school, remembering one day when Maddie came home very upset.

"She finally talked about it and said I have pee pee on my hands and I said why do you have pee pee on your hands, and she said well from the bathroom from the school."

Aldridge said the school wouldn’t allow Maddie’s wheelchair in the bathroom, so she had to crawl on the floor.

He watched our exclusive report on Thursday night, and said he wanted some transparency at Friday night’s meeting, but felt he didn’t get any.

"I feel like a lot of what was said was just flowery language,” Aldridge said. “There's times things were said, well this may or may not have happened, and then when specific questions were asked, did this happen? Well it may or may not have happened.”

Aldridge said that the district downplayed FOX 46’s report, calling it inaccurate, and embellished. Bill and Kim Brittain, featured in FOX 46’s original story, were turned away from the meeting, and feel the district is just trying to deflect.

"I'm surprised,” Kim said. “And I don't know why I'm surprised. It's more of the same. Lies, Lies, denying, of course they're not going to admit that they abused these children, and that a teacher threatened my life, in front of her entire classroom, including my son."

“The district in their statement claims they did a thorough investigation and they found no mistreatment,” Bill said. “Obviously what was in writing was mistreatment, it's child abuse, there's no question about that."

Clover School District did not respond to FOX 46’s request for comment on Friday.

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