Cyber experts: how to stay safe from hackers on your mobile banking app

- Let's face it. We love our cell phones. They're always there by our side, in our pocket, or in our hand.

And we do practically everything on them including for many mobile banking.

"We've used mobile banking in my family for the past 3 or 4 years now," said Samer Bazlamit with Verisign.

But experts warn that familiarity can also make us a little too trusting about what we do on our phones.

"Be aware. Be alert, especially with emails. If you see an email that comes in asking you to change your password, validate where it’s coming from," said Sean Dyon with SecureAuth.

For example, did you know that a hacker can easily grab your information if you're banking on a shared Wi-Fi network?

"The IRS just had many identities compromised in their system. All that information can be gleaned based upon your activities on open wireless networks that you connect your device to," said Dyon.

If you're using your bank's mobile app, it's best to stay on your carrier's network. That will make it harder for cyber criminals to steal.

Experts say you should also use two-step verification.

"If you have an iPhone or an android, some of these devices have fingerprint sensors on them. Bank applications allow you to use that with it for added security," said Dyon.

If you have your phone in hand, there's something else you can do right now.

"Always make sure your cell phone is password protected and not just with a password that's easy to remember. Get one that's challenging," said Bazlamit.

Staying safe online - so you don't become a victim of cybercrime.

Experts also suggest you bank with well-known, reliable banks. Smaller, less credible banks or financial services - they say - may not have the resources to combat the attacks they encounter.

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