Dangers on I-77 circulating on social media

- In this Friday’s I-77 diaries we’re working to get results for drivers. You’ve shared with us the dangers you face on the road and we’re taking that information to NCDOT.

This week’s I-77 diaries begin with emergency vehicles trying to get an accident. A viewer tagged us in this post that says, “watching as fire trucks and state patrol cannot get to the scene of an accident on I-77”.

Jen Thompson with the NCDOT says drivers were blocking the shoulder.

“Huntersville fire had a good post on their social media page about the importance to keep the shoulder clear so they can get to an incident.”

On Tuesday, another complaint.This one about an accident on highway 150 in Mooresville. We were tagged in a post that says the driver had a 40-mile detour around the lake.

“There’s no easy way to get around that lake. We wanted to maintain traffic on state-maintained roads for the detour. We had to route folks down highway 16, highway 73, and interstate 77. That’s a challenge we face with the lake being as large as it is,” said Thompson.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you told us about two big issues that seem to keep happening.
You tagged us in a post about distracting dust clouds near exit 23. And two other posts saying that construction vehicles were driving dangerously, nearly causing a crash.

“How would you address that frustration of things that even though they have been addressed in the past, they seem to keep on happening?"

“It’s a busy area with a lot of work going on. We can’t see everything every time because it’s 26 miles long. We have a lot of staff out there, but not everywhere all at one time. We need the help of the public when they see these things happening.”

The NCDOT says they’re investigating the construction vehicle that dangerously pulled into traffic and are going to slow down hauling trucks until they can put down more water to avoid the dust clouds.

Keep sharing your I-77 stories with us so we can continue to work to get results. And also send them directly to the NCDOT so they take more immediate action in the work zone.

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