Disabled veteran battles with city over sinkholes on property

- Carlton Miles says he's been battling with the city since they severed his water drainage system and added a double drop drainage system to his property in 2002.

Miles says that this new drainage system has caused the soil to erode, crating sinkholes and constant flood conditions.

"I have seen the deterioration of this property, you just walked through it. You see, it's what 90 degrees, this ground never dries that is causing a major safety hazard," Miles says.
He says that he's already spent more than $16,000 of his own money on a problem that the city has failed to fix three times. 
"I didn't do this the city did it so why should I have to continuously come out of pocket to improve upon something that they caused," says Miles. 
Since the city completed the first project, the priority level hasn't changed, even though the city's own policy showed it should have. 
"A video showed that water from this stream backed up into this channel and was on my property for six months, over six months before they addressed it," he says.
Councilwoman Lawana Mayfield has been working with Miles for six years to get the problem fixed - still nothing has changed. She says the council even changed the way they addressed storm water issues. 
"We admitted the reality. Ya'll aint ever gonna do this, so we gonna tell people the truth stop telling people you're going to get to it when you're not. But the other challenge with that is It's easy to say that in 2017 when they've been dealing with for 11 years and I've been dealing with it for 6 years." 
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