FOX 46 Charlotte gets results after child denied bathroom break

- Shoeless and covered in urine...a Union County mother said her daughter was humiliated after a teacher refused to let her use the restroom three times.  

Union County Public Schools is investigating what happened but one board member said he's already looking ahead. 

"She could not wear her shoes because they were saturated and she had to walk around school with just her socks on," the mother, who wanted to remain anonymous, told FOX 46 Charlotte. 

FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results for a parent who said her 6-year-old daughter was not allowed to use the restroom at Union Elementary School. 

Not even after asking three times. 

The child was learning in a mobile classroom, with no bathroom in the area. She ended up urinating all over her clothes and shoes. 

She she did not have a change of shoes, she spent several hours at the end of the day walking around in her socks.

The mother called it "humiliating" and said she never got a phone call and didn't even find until after school. 

"I have asked her several times why she doesn't have her shoes on and at that point my daughter just held her head down in shame and just started crying because she did not want to share what had happened in front of the teacher," the mother explained. 

Now, FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results. 

"I will be making an inquiry and a recommendation that a policy be developed but it does need to be addressed," Union County Board of Education Member Gary Sides said. 

Sides said he's asking his policy committee to developing a restroom policy for the 173 mobile classrooms used by Union County schools.

When the 6-year-old had to pee, the school told her mother there was no staff available to take the girl inside the main building to a restroom. 

There are potential safety concerns with letting a child walk outside on their own. There's also no policy as to what warrants a phone call home to a parent. 

After FOX 46 Charlotte's story both are being looked into, and the mother said it needs to happen soon.

"They don't have to be made to hold it to the point of saturation and just poor judgment afterwards, a parent not being called," she said. 

FOX 46 Charlotte did some digging - as far as restroom policy for mobile classroom Union County is not alone. 

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