Ghost in the machine: Gas pump in Concord continues to charge customer

- It's the gas pump that kept on pumping, and charging this customer.

A FOX 46 Charlotte viewer sent us cell phone video of a gas pump he was using Tuesday in Concord, that was still charging him for gas, even though nothing was coming out of the nozzle and his gas tank was full.

"Slowly, but it was still ticking," said Chris Groff.

Groff stopped by a Shell gas station in Concord Tuesday afternoon and drove up alongside pump #10. He inserted the gas nozzle before walking inside to get some snacks. Less than 10 minutes later he returned and the pump was still ticking away.

"My first reaction was panic, I am the guy at the gas station who left the pump and it's probably flowing everywhere," said Groff.

Gas wasn't flowing everywhere, instead money was flying right out of his pocket.

"There is something wrong here. I am still getting charged and this is on a Fleet company card and there is no way to get a refund on that," said Groff.

Putting the nozzle back on the pump finally got the ticking to stop. It also gave Groff enough time to speak with a manager inside.

"All I ask is that you just get the pump serviced. He said no, no the pump is fine, pump is fine. I said, sir the video shows there is a problem with the pump," said Groff.

Station management finally agreed and placed an "out of service bag" over the pump. State inspectors tell FOX 46 Charlotte this is a common problem at gas stations and it even has a name, "pump creep".

A state inspection video shows just how inspectors spot "pump creep" during their yearly inspections. The pump in question in Concord was last inspected this past February.

State officials say if you think you are a victim of "pump creep" to call the number listed on the inspection sticker on the pump.

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