"Daddy's not coming home..." Girlfriend shares heartbreaking story of fallen skydiver

- Tragedy in South Carolina after a skydiver is killed in a jump that went terribly wrong.

Bond Springer's body was found Sunday morning in the woods near Chester. The free-spirited daredevil from Boca Raton, Florida was performing a wing-suited stunt for an annual festival when he collided midair with another skydiver and plunged to his death.    

Girlfriend Christina Barletta said she has been dating Bond for nearly seven years. She said he was a great dad and that daughter Madison was his world. 

Barletta is still trying to find the strength to tell Madison.

“She just knows that mommy is sad right now,” said Barletta, meaning that Madison doesn’t know at this time about her father’s passing.  “She called and left him a few voicemails this morning like she normally does, but I told her he was working. [I’m] just really not sure how to tell your 3-year-old that daddy’s not coming home.”

Christina said she got a call Saturday evening from bond’s mother that something was wrong but not to worry.  Then she waited and waited until hearing the search was called off for the night. Her last conversation with Bond was right before he went airborne.

“He told me there really was not much cell service he had to climb up a hill to get cell service to call me and told me he was leaving early today and he’d be back early today for dinner.”

Christina waited all night and into Sunday morning until she finally got the call from the Chester County Sheriff’s Office that Bond’s body had been found.

“He was an experienced skydiver all-around,” Barletta said. “He has been skydiving for over ten years. He has many, many jumps so he’s not a novice by far.”

Christina said Bond normally skydives with a group out of Sebastian, Florida – but he was working with Skydive Deland just for this weekend’s skydiving festival at Skydive Carolina in South Carolina, and that he and Avalon Wolf, with whom he collided with mid-air according to police, knew what they were doing.

“They were not practicing something new. They’ve done this jump many times.  He’s jumped with this other gentlemen before not many times but they’ve jumped before, said “Barletta. “Skydiving was part of his life. It was like breathing to him.”

“He’s very proficient in all of the skydiving skills. He’s very careful according to anyone that I’ve ever talked to.”

Christina said Bond was always there for you and very passionate about the things he did, and that he loved life as much as he loved his friends and family.

“This is a great loss and I don’t even think I’ve comprehended that he’s gone yet,” she said. “It’s an especially a great loss for his 3-year-old daughter Madison.”

Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker said on Monday, June 6 that Bond Springer died of blunt force trauma on impact when he collided with a fellow skydiver. 

Tinker said there have been at least three fatal accidents involving Skydive Carolina since 2005.

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