Kenny Wallace: 'Mike did nothing to provoke attack' at Rascal Flatts concert

- Kenny Wallace, Mike's younger brother, told FOX 46 Charlotte he still can't believe what happened to his brother and niece after the Rascal Flatts concert at PNC Music Pavilion Friday. 

The two were attacked following the concert.


"The number one question everyone wants to know is what did Mike do to provoke this? And that is what is sad about this, Mike did nothing to provoke this,"  Kenny said.

Three men were arrested over the weekend; two charged with simple assault and one with assault on a female, but Kenny is still not satisfied.

"These are merely misdemeanors and if they had used weapons, they could have kept them in jail," Kenny said.



Mike Wallace's daughter wanted to know where security was.

"You know whether it would be better security at these events cause there was no security around and when they did show up they did nothing whatsoever. Unfortunately what we have gone through, if that can bring awareness to people, you know watch your surroundings and you don't know in today's world, it has become a bad place," Lindsay Van Wingerden

"Would it hurt to have more people out there as traffic is exiting, probably wouldn't hurt. Is it the cure? Probably not.  The persons, the guys, the men that threw the punches provoked themselves," Mike said.

Kenny wanted to make sure this story was told.

"The next step for me is I love my brother, Mike. He has been awesome to me my whole life; we have a great relationship. I want everyone to know, that is all I can do," Kenny said.

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to the PNC Music Pavilion for a statement and to ask if they'd be making any changes in light of the attack.

They told us they have no comment.

The following is a statement from Lucas Lawn and Landscaping, Inc:

Indian Trail, NC - On Friday, June 17th one employee of our company was accused of being involved in an assault upon Mika Wallace and Lindsey Wallace Van Wingerden. Since that time Mr. Wallace and various other individuals have chosen to post statements, comments and opinion regarding the circumstances on social media websites. 

This has resulted in verbal attacks upon our business, suggestions that our clients abandon our company and innuendo regarding our business regarding our business that we believe is designed to both frustrate the proper administration of justice within our court system, and prevent our company from continuing to do business where we employee over 70 individuals who work hard and defend upon their jobs to support themselves and their families. 

This situation arose at an event that did not involve our business or the operation of the business in any way. The efforts being made to disparage our business and negatively impact its hardworking employees is both disturbing and uncalled for. This is, in our opinion, a mechanism being used to point blame at those who had no involvement in the matter and, simultaneously, deflect and inquiry into the actions and behavior that may have occurred at the time the situation arose by those making accusations. 

Our company takes the actions of its employees, both on and off the clock, seriously and we plan to diligently and appropriately evaluate all of the accurate and undisputed information. 

However, we respectfully ask that those who reply on social media postings and one sided representations of fact consider the motivations behind those efforts.No one at our business would expect those who patronize the business of another to vilify or otherwise judge that business based upon what are solely accusations and finger pointing at any one or more of their employees. 

We feel certain that if a similar situation were occurring to Mr. Wallace, he would be asking for a fair and reasoned approach that included both sides of the equation, not just the one desired by the complaining party. We ask that a rational and objective assessment of the matter be considered before taking actions, as suggested by others, that would harm our professional activities and the families who gain support from our business operations. 

We are saddened that we have felt the need to engage in this release but it does, unfortunately, appear that Mr. Wallace and his supporters intend to have this matter resolved in the court of public opinion. This is neither fair nor appropriate for any of the parties involved to include Mr. Wallace himself. 

This is especially true related to our business which had absolutely no involvement in the matter. We hope that the public will do as we intend, by gathering facts that are properly vetted. 

Our company supports our system of justice and believes that it will operate in an unbiased and objective manner in determining just which individuals may have been at fault in this situation. 

As suggested above, we believe that efforts to undermine our system, including the verbal attacks on our business, should be viewed dimly and questioned wholeheartedly. 


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