NODA bar issues apology after welcome sign receives backlash

- Attention grabbing, creative or just plain offensive? 

"My Indian name is Chief Slap-A-Ho," the message outside a NODA bar said. The sign now being called racist and misogynistic with the phrase Slap-A-Ho, using 'Ho' as a derogatory word towards promiscuous women. 

"Very poor taste, just sad," a resident said to FOX 46 Charlotte. 

"Chief Slap-A-Ho. I was just walking down the street like hmmm," another said. 

While NODA is no stranger to being a different type of scene, with graffiti covering many walls and stickers wrapping around light posts, some now say this writing at Solstice Tavern has no place in the neighborhood. 

"It's against women. It could be offensive to Native Americans, and it's just not a business I would frequent," another resident said. 

Lauren Gordon says as a Native American and a woman the sign was offensive on multiple levels. The question many are asking is why?

"I can't put it into words, that's my face," another man said who was trying to find meaning behind the message. "I kind of wondered what it was. I thought maybe this is a band coming in to town but Solstice doesn't' have bands."

FOX 46 Charlotte ran into a few people who aren't bothered by the sign. 

"I think it's kind of funny," one said. 

"I think if you're offended by it, you might be overreacting," another said. 

But in a neighborhood that prides itself on accepting all walks of life, many were asking if that message truly belonged. 

The bar, Solstice, has since erased the message from its chalkboard and posted an apology on Facebook. 

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