Mystery man burns Confederate flag flying in veteran's lawn

- A Charlotte man tells FOX 46 Charlotte his house was nearly set on fire with his kids inside – and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

The man, who asked the station not to use his name, said his Confederate flag in the front of his house has been burned twice in the last month. He is now putting measures in place to make sure if the flag burns again, it won’t injure his family.

Outside this particular home in south Charlotte folks can find the American flag flying high, a POW flag attached to the home, and a burned Confederate Flag scattered on the ground.

The man who lives at the home now fears his replacement flag will be burned.

"All the way back to The Revolution we have been involved in the military. That's what these flags are. That's a symbol of my great-great grandfather. Just like that is a symbol of my country. I would hate to think we have done all this, all these years, for some punk to come up here and set my house on fire,” he said.

This past Tuesday the homeowner was sitting inside watching work crews cut grass at a Greenway nearby when one man caught his attention.

"He starts walking up my yard and I think he's going to ask for a bottle of water because it was hot that day,” he explained.

Instead, he was walking up for another reason.

"He flicks his BIC, lights my flag on fire, runs back to his truck and hauls out of here like a wild man,” the man said.

For the second time in a month the man’s Confederate flag has turned to ashes. The flag police now hangs from a tree. So if an arsonist strikes again – it won’t burn his home.

"And I got a 2-year-old daughter that sleeps in that house,” the man explained.

Security cameras, plenty of written warnings and a ‘No Trespassing’ sign now line the property. Instead of setting fire to something they disagree with, the man hopes they reconsider.

"Talk to me about it! It's not really their fault the schools and today’s society has not educated what this flag really is. It wasn't about slavery. My people never owned slaves,” the man said.

The man was able to track down the contractor who cuts the grass who he believes is hired by the City of Charlotte. He is now waiting for police to make an arrest and hopes the fires outside his home come to an end.

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