New Year law moves several families from South Carolina to North Carolina


Some folks are starting out the New Year in a brand new state without having moved an inch.  As of January 1, several people who were living in South Carolina are now calling North Carolina home due to a re-drawing of the state line.

FOX 46 Charlotte looked into how this is having a big impact on everything from lottery tickets to healthcare.

"Every morning I stop and get me two Sundrops and twice a week I get a lottery ticket," said Jeff Clemmer.

But January 1, 2017 put an end to his 32-year-long tradition.

"I stopped in like I always do and tried to cash in my ticket and they told me the store is in North Carolina now," he explained. 

Clemmer will have to drive a little further down highway 274 to see if he has the winning ticket. Good news is gas prices will stay the same, according to the store clerk. But the change from South Carolina to North Carolina is having a much greater impact on these two families.

"Our dining room, living room, and kitchen are in the South Carolina side. Where our children sleep is in North Carolina," said Angie Ingold.

This puts into question where Angie Ingold's children will go to school.

"Where the kids eat is in one state, where the kids sleep is in another state. Where we go to the's strange. It splits right down our bedroom."

Dee and Glenn Martin face the direst situation in the switch.

"My biggest concern has been his healthcare. He has many chronic ailments including an untreatable lung disease. His care has come from providence care licensed in South Carolina. Now we need to find him a doctor by the end of January or there will be no one to fill his prescriptions," Dee Martin said. 

That doesn't even count the more mundane changes like a new driver's license.

"Being his caregiver is a full-time job. It will be very difficult to make all the legal changes that must be done like changing our deed, house insurance, and car insurance. We don't even know what our address will be."

If you'd like to speak out on behalf of these families, reach out to your governor's office.

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