Pokémon GO craze leads people to church

- Everywhere you look; it seems plenty of people are playing Pokémon GO.

"It's taking a game and inserting it into the real world,” said Devin Driscoll. “It is like geo-caching, but with Pokémon.”

"You can walk around, it gets people outside, and it probably helps parents," said AJ Cronin.

While kids of all ages have taken to the streets, canvassing local businesses and parks to look for Pokémon; there is a new place they are searching and that is houses of worship.

Tennyson Shifley, an associate pastor at Christ Lutheran Church in Charlotte says it can be a little unsettling when people playing the game come walking into the church, which also houses a daycare.

"We have a lot of strict policies to maintain the safety and security of the children,” Shifley said. “We have a freedom school that goes on during the summer and we want to make sure all the youth and all of the sponsors and counselors are safe as well."

However, Pokémon may be a new way to get people into church.

"We are always looking for ways to capture them and if we can capture them when they capture a Pokémon, we have to figure out how to do that,” said Laurie Carter, communications director for Christ Lutheran Church.

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If churches can figure out how to take advantage of Pokémon Go, they hope it will also open their doors of worship to people to come back at other times.

"I think churches have to meet people where they are and if are going to appeal and attract, appeal to and attract young people, we got to do it their way and I don’t see anything wrong with that."


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