President Trump makes the most of brief visit to Queen City

- President Donald Trump is made his way out of Charlotte after signing an executive order on retirement security and speaking at a fundraiser for local candidates Friday afternoon.

The president's first stop was at Central Piedmont Community College where he signed an executive order on retirement security and savings for small business employees.  

The order calls for several things: First, expanding access to workplace retirement savings. This would make it easier for businesses to offer retirement plans. 

It also reduces costs of these plans for small businesses wanting to offer a retirement policy for employees.

Lastly, the order will help strengthen workers' financial futures, helping those who fear they will not have enough money to live on during retirement better prepare. 

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The president  was greeted with cheers and jeers and jeers as he made his way to the community college. 

“He’s doing great. He's doing a great job. That's all I want to say,” one Trump supporter told FOX 46.

Dozens of people on both sides of the aisle gathering on Morris field drive to catch a glimpse of President Trump.

“Whenever I hear him or think about him I get pissed off,” a protester said. 

Some like Krista Bazden brought their children along to share the experience. She has two daughters. 

“I pulled them out of school today because I felt like this was an educational experience. It's not every day the president's motorcade come through so it's history,” Bazden said. 

Others wanted the president to know he has support in places he may not expect.

“I wanted to be out here because there is a false narrative that suburban women don't support Trump,” another Trump supporter said. 

On the other side, the experience wasn't so delightful. Those protesting his appearance say they’re upset with the direction of the country, while others simply have had enough. 

“I can tell you right now I’m not happy with the president. I'm not happy with his leadership. He's not shown to be a leader; he's shown to be a selfish child,” one protester said. 

“He's got to go. Trump has got to go,” another told us. 
After signing that executive order, President Trump made his way to Carmel Country Club to fundraise for Republicans Ted Budd and Mark Harris.

It was a private event, and unless you had thousands of dollars, you couldn't get in, but that didn't stop hundreds of people from lining up outside to see President Trump; again, some in support of him, and others against him. 

"I am a patriot. I love my country and I respect the office of the president. I am going to raise my flag high and be very proud that I got this close to the President of the United States,” another one of his supporters told FOX 46.

But not everyone there was as proud to see President Trump in the Queen City. 

"There is nothing about that man I respect,” a protester said. 

Dozens of protesters gathered alongside Trump supporters with their signs. Some in the crowd, were even on the same party line, but disagreed with the president's visit. 

"I am Republican. I am a little older and my generation the republicans weren't this. It's something very alien now."

However, despite the mix within the crowd this afternoon, there were no major problems.

"I think there is some divisiveness, but I think people just need to be calm and you have the opportunity to vote every four years so if you're not happy just get out and vote." 

Of course there was also a large police presence to make sure everything stayed in order.

After his remarks at the country club, President Trump made his way back to Charlotte Douglas Airport in his motorcade. Air Force One was seen taking off just before 6:30 p.m. 

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