Residents frustrated as future of Fort Mill's aging Heritage Towers remains unknown

- It's an eyesore in Fort Mill that has sat abandoned for decades, but caught in the middle of a legal battle. The Heritage Tower is what is left of Jim Bakker's PTL Club. 

It's a building that has been "Coming Soon" for more than 30 years. 

Televangelist Jim Bakker had a vision, but that was all shattered when he was imprisoned for fraud. Bakker and his wife, Tammy Bakker, were mocked on Saturday Night Live. 

All that is left of the PTL Club now is a dilapidated building. 

"It's worn down. You can see straight through it, there's no windows." 

There are now trees growing on the roof. The brick siding is crumbling. Railings are rusted. The monstrosity now belongs to Morning Star Ministries. 

"It looks like a war zone. Even Rick Joyner said he's embarrassed by how bad this tower looks." 

Rick Joyner is the director and founder of Morning Star Ministries. They bought the property in 2004 under the contractual agreement that they demolish heritage Hotel. 

FOX 46 Charlotte's investigate reporter Morgan Frances: So where is the hold up? Whose fault is it

Joyner: Well, it is the county's fault. York County. 

The county argues Morning Star Ministries never secured the financing. 

Frances: A lot of people would say this is just a bunch of attorneys going back and forth.

Joyner: It really looks. It was bizarre.

In the meantime, people who bought homes nearby wake up to see the building every single day. 

"If they at least tore that down, the area would look better, and people wouldn't be like, 'oh, you still live by that tower.'" 

A rep with York County said they will not comment on ongoing legal matters, but did say they anticipate a possible decision from the court in about three to five months. Few believe that. 

"The county is in violation of some other laws. We believe they're in violation of federal and state laws that're serious. We have no choice but to file suit on those as well. We're going to be, I mean, we're essentially going to have to go nuclear." 

Joyner said the county is discriminating against Morning Star Ministries because they're a religious organization. He claims to have emails to prove it, but never provided that proof to FOX 46. 

Joyner and Bakker are friends and some believe Bakker still has a hand in the finances. 

Frances: We've interviewed someone today who called MorningStar Ministries a cult. What's your reaction to that?

Joyner: Well, they called Billy Graham that. We feel like we're in good company; they called Jesus that.

FOX 46 requested to have a third-party inspector give an unbiased report on the structure's integrity, but the ministry said the station's inspector didn't meet their standards. 

Regardless, according to Joyner, demolition isn't an option. 

"That is not going to happen as long as I'm here. The thing's worth at least, according to the one who appraised it, $11 million as it sits." 

Joyner wants to use the building as living quarters for retired people. Bakker now hosts the Jim Bakker show, an hour long broadcast about religion. 

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