Rock Hill preaches unity in the community

- The Rock Hill community is taking action. 

"It's not a black-white thing, it's a right/wrong thing."

Before it's too late. 

"I feel sadness that the people here are all fighting with each other instead of fighting together."

All in the wake of police officers killing black men, and the other way around. 

"Every community in America is just one gun shot away from facing the same situation that we see in Minnesota, Baton Rouge, Dallas."

"Unity in the community was kind of the title."

Rock Hill police and York County deputies are on hand to meet the people they're sworn to protect. Hundreds gathered on Tuesday to come to an understanding. 

The meeting happened just days after a group calling themselves Concerned Black Men demanded change from police. 

"In a very general sense they've failed."

Bradford Rawlinson is an attorney in Rock Hill. He believes not all races, specifically African Americans, have been on a level playing field in the eyes of police. 

"There's parts of the system that I'm frustrated with. Some of it has to deal with color. Some of it has to deal with socioeconomic status.'

This past weekend, his group marched to police headquarters, seeking more transparency. 

"If you don't listen to one another, that relationship goes downhill quickly."

The chief of police told FOX 46 Charlotte he'll be working with this group closely. 

"Again build that unity."

And if Tuesday's crowd is any indication, a lot of people are on board with joining in. 

"And we just want to head it out before it ever comes this way."

Concerned Black Men wrote a list of demands to the Rock Hill Police Department: 

  1. Supply the name, badge number, tag number, and history of complaints of all officers who are tasked with patrolling predominantly black neighborhoods
  2. Cease all patrols using vehicles without visible police markings, radar equipment, and/or video equipment
  3. Supply all data on use of force for the RHPD for the previous 5 years, including demographic information of the officers and civilians involved in the uses of force, and the resolution of any investigation into incidents of use of force
  4. Supply all collected data on complaints made by the public in the previous 5 years, including demographic information and other data not currently listed on RHPD's website
  5. Supply definitions for the following terms used by RHPD as they relate to complaints; "sustained", "not sustained", "unfounded", "exonerated", "directed complaint", "dual findings", and "administratively closed".
  6. Supply all RHPD training materials relating to use of force
  7. Mandate that all officers wear body cameras during official police functions 
  8. Supply a copy of the contract between police union and the City of Rock Hill 
  9. Schedule a monthly police forum which will be moderated by the Chief of Police once per month, with the first of such forums occurring within the next 30 days. 
  10. Demographic information for the RHPD, including administrative staff

The group ended their letter stating, "We are in the progress of developing aggressive strategies should the RHPD fail to demonstrate that our safety and trust is a foremost concern." 

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