Man now stuck with fake Rolex watch after being scammed on app "OfferUp"

- If it looks like a Rolex, it must be a Rolex, Right? That what Amin thought when he hit gold and found a Rolex for almost $3,000 on the app "OfferUp." Unfortunately, after closer inspection, any jeweler could tell it wasn’t real.

"The weight is not where it should be. Obviously, the first thing I look at are the gems. These are supposed to be diamond and in reality they are cubic zirconia so they are not real," Co-Owner of Ballantyne Jewelers Yuhan Tekin said.

Amin tells FOX 46, he was uneasy about buying the Rolex in the first place but he still met the man at the Kay Jewelers in Blakeney Village in Ballantyne. He had the manager there take a look at it before buying it.

“35 minutes pass and she gives me her guarantee that the watch is real. She’s been in the business 25 years and gave me all her credentials that would lead me to believe that she's a straight up person and I can trust her," Amin said.

He paid the money and excited about the watch, sent photos to his friends and they immediately told him he bought a fake.  Amin decide to take it to another jeweler and FOX 46 Charlotte asked Ballantyne Jeweler to also take look and confirmed Amin's fears.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This particular watch exceeds $20,000. There is no reason why they would sell it less than that,” Tekin said.

If it was real? Yolian Ortiz asked.

If it was real," Tekin clarified.

"It shows how easy it is to detect. The second you hand it and you hold it. They tell you it's fake. Any jeweler, even a week in the business can know it’s a fake Rolex," Amin said.

FOX 46 Charlotte called the Kay Jewelers Store manager and asked about this event and she said she wasn't allowed to talk and to call their corporate offices and quickly hung up.

We reached out to their Corporate Offices and are still waiting to hear back from them.

Amin is now filling a Civil Lawsuit against the man that scammed him. Not to get the money back but to make sure this man doesn't take other people’s hard earn money.

"Buyers beware! Make sure you know what you are doing before rolling in because you may walk out there empty handed and without a lot of money," Amin said.

Fox 46 Charlotte reached out to the Better Business Bureau about any repercussions the store could face. They tell us without any proper documentation from Kay Jewelers saying the watch is real, the company is not liable.

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