Surprise! Black rat snake in the bathroom

- An Indian Trail woman was left screaming after discovering a snake in her bathroom Friday afternoon. The snake slithered over to her bedroom while she called for help.

FOX 46 Charlotte found out what you need to do if you find yourself in her shoes.

“This is where he came in,” Heather Metcalf explained.

Metcalf believes an area where her hot-water heater is being repaired is the trail a black rat snake took to slither inside her bathroom.

“Petrified. I’m not a fan of snakes in any way shape or form,” she said.

It was not a venomous snake but nevertheless…she was freaked out.

“If you have a snake in your house chances are there’s a rodent in there,” Jennifer Gordon said with Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

Birds are usually their main choice of rescue.

“It’s amazing how many people won’t handle snakes,” Gordon explained.

But the Rescue said if you’re thinking about killing a snake – give them a call instead.

“As soon as it starts warming up they start coming out,” she said.

The Waterfowl said here in the Carolinas if you find a snake inside your home it’s probably not venomous. Often times its snakes found around water you have to look out for.

“The cottonmouths and the copperheads tend to stay around the water too. Those are the only venomous snakes in our area,” Gordon explained.

She had no problem removing the snake.

“Leaves. I’m going to definitely rake all the leaves around the yard. Get rid of all the extra wood piles that I have,” Metcalf said.

As the unexpected tenant will have no problem calling again if a snake slides her way.

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