The cross walk law you don't know you're breaking

- "You entered, it has a red hand with red numbers on it , you cannot enter that is the law," CMPD Police Officer said.

"It didn't have a red hand, it had white numbers," Rick Price said.

"No, it had red numbers and a hand.”

This interaction happened in uptown between Rick Price and a Police officer. Price was given just a warning by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police for violating pedestrian rules

"Are you shocked sir to hear this?"

"Yep, I don't know what the numbers are for if you can't enter," Price said.

CMPD has seen a big jump in pedestrian deaths. This year the numbers have double with fourteen deaths.

So CMPD partnered with the Charlotte Department of Transportation for their "watch for me" campaign to help educate people about the rules.

"Drivers to slow down and watch for the pedestrians and the pedestrians as well they need to stop and use those signalized intersections and not cross mid-block," CMPD Sgt. David Sloan said.

Many we spoke with know the basic rules.

"Pedestrian rules: You gotta cross at the cross walk, no jaywalking, watch for buses that come close to the curb, and make sure you are paying attention to motorist driving down the street," Paul Durham said.

That pedestrian countdown signal, isn't telling you how much time you have left to cross.

"I did not know that. I thought that meant run across if you are still on the curb," Durham said.

If you are on the sidewalk, you cannot enter the crosswalk when it's flashing. If you are already in the crosswalk that’s the time you have to get to the other side.

Over the past five years, CMPD tells FOX 46 Charlotte the intersection of Trade and College has seen 12 deaths, all due to someone crossing at the wrong time or cars not yielding to people.

"I think it's just convenience. People don't want to get off a bus stop and come down 20 feet to cross a road if they think it's safe to go but it's against the law," Sgt. Sloan said.

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