Tick season in North Carolina: what you need to know

- "They just get on your skin and they are hard to get off and they suck your blood," Magaretenn Edel said.

"They are kind of gross?"

"They are pretty gross," Edel said.

They can be as tiny as a poppy seed.

“They are pretty annoying. I don't think I’ve ever been bitten by one but if I were to be, it would definitely ruin my day,” Shom Towari said.

Ticks can cause some major issues if you come close to them. According to the North Carolina Department of Human and Health Services, most of the tick-borne diseases from here are bacterial infection and can cause flu-like symptoms.

Appalachian State University Biologist Dr. Steven Seagle is the resident expert on ticks and says there is some positive news when it comes to these creepy creatures.

"If you are bitten by a tick you are not going to be immediately infected by anything. It takes a few hours usually for a tick to transmit a bacterium to you and the other good news is that not only are they not found everywhere, but not all ticks are infected with the bacteria," Dr. Seagle said.

Doctor Ken Edel has seen tick bites cases at his practice.

“We test for it regularly. I haven't had any positive results just lately but I’ve certainly have had tick bites and we treat those aggressively. It's better to be safe than sorry in my opinion," Dr. Edel said.

If you and your kids are outside a lot there are some places you should avoid like tall grasses or leaf piles but if you don't want any ticks to come anywhere near you, there is a way to repel them off your clothes. with Permethrin. It's an insecticide that can be sprayed on your clothes, completely odorless and can stay on for a few washes.

Dr. Seagle spends a lot of time searching for these little creatures and says Permethrin works like a charm.

"I treat my t-shirt, my pants and my cap and I’ve had very little problem with having ticks get on me," Dr. Seagle said.

DEET works as well and simple things like checking your kid’s skin and hair after being outside can help catch ticks before they cause any harm.

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