U.S. Air Force vet says he was assaulted by Rowan Co. deputy

A U.S. Air Force veteran tells FOX 46 not only was he assaulted by a Rowan County sheriff's deputy for asking a question from his vehicle, but he was then charged with a crime after he refused to drop a formal complaint against the accused officer. 

FOX 46 spoke with Raymond Schreffler and went with him as he turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday. 

The incident is certainly a 'he said - they said' type of dispute, pitting Schreffler at odds with the Rowan County Sheriff's Office version of what took place. 

No arrest was made when the incident occurred. It was made nearly one week later after a formal complaint and a phone call from the department. 

Veteran Raymond Schreffler is now formally charged with two misdemeanors - resisting a public officer and failing to obey a traffic officer. 

This is the end result from what Schreffler describes as one big mess. 

"I don't know if I can trust the Rowan County Sheriff's Department anymore," he said. 

It all began last Wednesday when Schreffler said he was driving towards the intersection of Goodnight and Briggs Road where a nearby overturned car had deputies re-routing traffic.

One of the deputies approached Schreffler's vehicle. 

"Got to my car and rolled down my window and said I had to turn around," Schreffler explained. 

This point in the story is where the Rowan County Sheriff's Department disagrees with Schreffler's statements. 

Officials described Schreffler in their report as agitated, argumentative, and even using abusive language towards the deputy, outlining there were several witnesses who can back up their claims. 

Schreffler said the incident went down a lot differently. 

"He again, reached over, unlocked the door, yanked open the door, grabbed me, and tried pulling me out of the car," Schreffler said. 

While Schreffler said he crossed a line, the department said the assault never happened. 

Just hours after the incident Schreffler filed a complaint with the sheriff's office. Two days later he said he received a phone call from a lieutenant. 

"He said if you keep going after this, if you don't drop it and you pursue it, we're going to charge you with crimes," Schreffler said. 

Schreffler said he told the lieutenant he wanted to keep the complaint. A few days later several officers showed up at his home on Monday. While he was out of town his daughter said she was questioned about his whereabouts, and they searched the house. 

While he's not happy, Schreffler turned himself in. 

The Rowan County Sheriff's Department said they did not arrest Schreffler on scene that day because they were too busy with the accident. 

Schreffler believes the arrest is because of the complaint he filed and his refusal to drop it following the phone call he said he received from the sheriff's department. 

"These are misdemeanor charges and here it is five days later they're filing them. And I don't think that's right. I think they're trying to bully and intimidate me," Schreffler said. 

The sheriff's department said the lieutenant who called Schreffler at home wasn't trying to bully him - but more so explain their side of the story. 


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