Orlando Shooting: Thousands gather for vigil

It was a clear and defiant message for those who would do harm...

You will not win. 

"I think we don't want to live in fear, we don't to give into the fear which is what the terrorists would like us to do, and we're not."

The message of solidarity coming from people of all backgrounds, including a Charlotte native FOX 46 Charlotte found in the crowd. 

Mark Hurst is a graduate of South Mecklenburg High School and knows people who were killed in the shooting. 

"I'm here because if you look around, it's every color, every religion, straight people, LGBT, we're all together and part of this community," Hurst said. 

Some came to hug, others came to cry. Many came to rise up. 

"We're basically here to let people know we are here to stay. We're a community that's not going to go away no matter what is done to us, hate crimes, anything that's done. We're not going anywhere."

One man brought a pride flag, as well as a Florida flag, to send a message of unity.

"I think that just being here to show love and support for each other, it could've been anybody, it could've been any club."

"We've just got to stand together, exactly what it says here, we have to conquer the anger," Eileen Cordero said.

And while the City of Orlando grieve for the 49 innocent souls lost, people like Hurst said we all have to do our part, to set the right example.  

"To all of my friends back in North Carolina any of my friends from here in Orlando that see this, know that I love you, know that I'm raising my daughter to love you, regardless of what you may do on a day to day basis, it's how you treat others that makes the difference, not the God you pray to," Hurst said.


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