Azalea the smoking chimp

North Korea

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  • North Korea
  • Frank Ocean and Chance The Rapper had the chance to attended the White House State Dinner this week, and both opted to bring their parents.
  • The iconic shoes that once dazzled us on screen won’t be strutting down the yellow brick road anytime soon. Light, time, and elements have discolored the once sparkling slippers
  • (Courtesy: Ana-Alecia Ayala)
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  • Good Day's Barbara Lash talks to Scott Harris, Maddie Segal, and Frances Jones about the first ever VegFest.
  • A survey of 40,000 people in all 50 states found that Reese’s, Kit Kat and Butterfinger were the three top treats in every state.
  • Chef Julia Simon from Nourish shows Good Day's Felicia Lawrence how to cook up some delicious vegetarian dishes.