What Carolinians can expect to see during the solar eclipse August 21

We are less than a month away from the total solar eclipse! Millions across North America will be lucky enough to see at least some part of this spectacular event. With the path of totality crossing over the Carolinas, you can be assured that we will see an amazing sight. Fingers crossed we get great weather that day!

NASA Eclipse

Since an event like this doesn’t occur often, you will want to make a plan for the best viewing possible. South Carolina and Southwest NC will be the best locations for seeing 100% coverage of the sun. However, you can be anywhere in the Carolinas and still get to see 86% or more of the full eclipse. If you want to know what the eclipse will look like where you live, check out the following videos.

North Carolina Viewing


South Carolina Viewing

Traveling to View the Eclipse?

Even though we are not far from the path of totality, it still may be a bit tricky getting there. Many have been planning for this event for years and there definitely be a crowd along the main path. Since we are in a great spot for seeing the eclipse across the Carolinas, it may be best to stay home if you don’t already have travel plans. 

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Glasses Are A Must…

It’s unsafe to look directly at the sun without solar glasses as the eclipse is taking place. However, you can remove the glasses during the brief total phase of a solar eclipse (“totality”). The total phase is achieved when the moon entirely blocks the sun’s bright face. If you are not in the narrow path of totality, you will need to wear them through the entire event.

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Eclipse viewing glasses and handheld solar viewers should meet all the following criteria:

  • Should be certified with a designated ISO 12312-2 international standard
  • Have the manufacturer’s name and address printed somewhere on the product
  • Do Not used if they are older than three years, or have scratched/wrinkled lenses
  • Do Not use homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses. Even the very dark glasses are not safe for looking directly at the Sun

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There are a few tips you need to know about using your solar glasses during this event. To put them on you will want to turn away from the sun, stand still, and cover your eyes with your eclipse glasses or solar viewer. When you are finished watching the eclipse, make sure to look away from the sun before removing your filters. Do not look at the sun without some kind of protection. Don't worry if you are unable to get eclipse glasses or solar viewer, because there are other alternative methods to viewing the total eclipse.





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