Cabarrus Hosts North Carolina Senior Citizen Games

Pickleball is a game that a few years ago was nothing more than a grade school activity. In 2015, it is said to be the fastest growing sport in America.

Pickleball is a cross between tennis, ping-pong, and badminton. The name pickleball comes from Pickles the dog, pet to the family that invented the game in 1965.

More than 2.45 million people participate in the sport annually and thousands of them are right were in North Carolina. The NC Senior Games State Finals were held at the Carolina Courts in Concord this week hosting nearly 350 of the best senior pickleball players in the state. The three-day tournament was the final stop for more than 1,000 seniors who had to qualify at one of the 53 local Senior Games in the spring of 2015, all whom are 50 and older.

"It's a game of competition, it's a game of friendship, it's a social game, but also it's very competitive," said Luis Vasquez who took home a bronze medal in his division.

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