Daily Special: Chicken Stew and Pork Tacos

South American Chicken Stew over White Rice
Serves two people
1 Tbsp. of Olive Oil
4 Pieces of Chicken Thighs
1 Cup of Can Crushed Tomatoes
¼Cup of Diced Sweet Onions
¼Tsp. of Ground Cumin
½Tsp. Fresh Chopped Cilantro
¼Cup of Frozen Sweet Peas
Kosher Salt
White Rice:
½Cup of White Rice
½Tbsp. Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Black Coursed Pepper

Cooking Instructions
1.  Place a medium size skillet on medium-heat temperature, when the pan is hot
add the oil and begin to sweat the diced onion.
2.  Once the onions are translucent add the chicken, cumin, salt until seared (about
1 min) then add ¼cup of water.
3.  When the water is boiling add the cilantro. Cover the pan with a lid and let it boil
for 3 min.
4.  Lower the temperature to medium-low, add the crushed tomatoes; let it reduce
until the liquids are thick.
5.  Bring heat to a low then add the sweet peas and let the dish rest for about 2
White Rice:
1.  In a saucepan add the rice, 1 cup of water oil and salt. Bring it to boil.
2.  Let the rice and water boil until you start to see the rice bubble.
3.  Reduce the temperature to medium.
4.  When the rice is getting dried lower the temperature to low and cover with a
5.  After two minutes turn the stove off and let the rice rest for 10 min. Do not
uncover or stir before the rest time (10min).


“Cochinita Pibil Taquitos”
Annatto Rubbed Pork Mini Tacos with Cilantro-Pickled Onion Relish
Makes 8 tacos-Approx. 4 hours cooking time
1 ½lb. Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt)
2 qt. Mojo Marinade
1/2 Cup of Diced Sweet Onions
1 Medium Red Onion fine julienned
1 Cup Red Wine Vinegar
4 Peppercorns
1/2 Tsp. Fresh Chopped Cilantro
2 Tsp. of Ground Annatto
Salt & Pepper
Small Corn Tortillas
Lime wedges
Pre-heat oven at 350 F. degrees. In a roast pan place the pork, sweet onions and the
Mojo, make sure it is completely covered with the marinade, if necessary, cut the pork
in half. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and place it inside the oven, roast for 3-4
hours. In the meantime, place the red onions, vinegar, peppercorns and cilantro in a
mixing bowl; let it simmer for the time the pork is cooking. After 3 hours check the
pork it should be falling apart, pull it out of the oven and let it rest for 15 min. Drain
the pork and onions, discard the fat, save some of the juices (1/2 cup) and discard the
rest. In a mixing bowl add the pork with the cooked onions and the remaining juice,
with a pair of kitchen tongs rip the pork a part, then add the annatto and the salt &
pepper, mix really well. Warm the tortillas in a microwave or toaster oven, once warm
top them with the meat and the pickled onions. Serve with lime wedges.