Daily Special: Mason Jar Salad

Just grab a mason jar and some fresh veggies and you're already half way there, says Chris Bryan, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor (RYT 500 Certified) and nutritionist.

Start with a wide-mouth glass jar with a screw on lid. Build your salad backwards, starting with dressing (preferably made from from scratch) at the bottom of the jar, then dried fruit, nuts, vegetables, and finally lettuce and or spinach. Screw on the lid, grab a fork and you've got your portable lunch in an easily-portable vessel. Give it a shake before eating to distribute dressing and ingredients. A full demonstration of mason jar salads and other quick, healthy recipes and nutrition tips can be found on Bryan's blog at chrisbryan.com.Total wellness is a balance of all things in life. Getting clients there is the goal of triple threat Chris Bryan — Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor (RYT 500 Certified) and nutritionist.Founder of the wildly-popular, women-focused Carolina Sweat facilities (headquartered in Charlotte, NC), Chris developed the Mind Body Motivation system — used with personal training clients and the group fitness regimen at Carolina Sweat — through practical and professional experience.

No Sugar Vinaigrette

1 Part Balsamic

1 Part Olive Oil

1/4 Part Dijion Mustard

You can add garlic and or oregano to taste, but there's no sugar and holds for about 4 days.