Daily Special: Pea and Edamame Hummus with Mint

Recipe by Nourish

Pea and Edamame Hummus with Mint

Makes 4 cups

10           oz           shelled edamame, defrosted    

10           oz           sweet peas, defrosted 

1/4         cup         fresh-squeezed lemon juice

2            tbsp       apple cider vinegar          

2              cloves   garlic, minced   

1/2         tsp          coriander            

1/4         tsp          cumin   

2              tbsp       cilantro, de-stemmed, chopped               

2              tbsp       mint, chopped 

1            pinch       black pepper     

1              tsp          sea salt

1/3         cup         olive oil

1/4         cup         tahini    


QUICK DEFROST TIP: mix peas and edamame together in a strainer and run hot water over them until they’re defrosted. Make sure to dry them with thoroughly before proceeding.


In the bowl of a food processor fitted with an s-blade, process everything except the tahini and olive oil until a bright green, slightly chunky slurry forms, with small specks of herbs visible. Drizzle in olive oil and tahini with the processor running, and process until dip thickens and lightens in color. Taste for salt. Serve chilled with toasted pita or fresh crudite.