Havana Montana Breakfast Sandwich

Havana Montana Mojo Pork Sandwich on a toasted Thomas’ English Muffin


  • Makes 18-120 Sandwiches Ingredients needed: 
  • 8-9 lbs. “Bone In” pork butt
  • Jalapeño cheese slices,
  • Italian Capicola meat
  • Chipotle aioli
  • Dill pickles & picked red onion
  •  English muffin


Prep: Meat Marinate for 12 up to 15 hours other items prep time: 15 minutes each


Pork Butt Bone In - clean it / dry  & set aside


Mojo Seasoning Mix/Cooking Juice…….

In a extra large bowl -

Zest 2 oranges then squeeze juice and pulp in,

 1 cup of fresh orange juice

 2 heads of garlic - minced up 

1 full fresh squeezed lime juice

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil,

2/3 cup lightly packed cilantro leaves/some stem chopped up

 1/2 cup of mint leaves lightly packed & chopped,

4 tbl. spoon fresh (or dry 2 tlb. dried) oregano leaves

 1 bottle Spanish style beer preferred (not required)

2  cups of chicken broth

1 cup of water

(whisk all mojo  ingredients above)


Put pork butt in large bowl then

 Pour all MOJO Seasoning Mix over pork butt Let marinate overnight- covered with plastic on top of bowl, turning once if you can


Take out pork butt and  put in a well fitted roasting pan, pouring all juices over it, including all leaves/pulp pieces, garlic etc…

Cover with lid or foil and put in 220 degree roasting oven for 11-12 hours


Pickled Red Onion

Clean and cut 2 red onions into medium thick onion rings

add 1/2 cup of sugar

add 1 cup of red wine vinegar

add 1&1/2 cup of water

add 2 bay leaves

3 pickling corn peppers

 put all onion & mix in sauce pan, bring to boil then turn off the heat and remove it from the heat.

Note: (Put it in refrigerator to cool faster & slow cooking process)


Chipotle Aioli

1 cup of Duke Mayonnaise

1/3 cup of chipotle sauce

1 -2 juicy fresh limes (juice from them)

1 tablespoon of dijon mustard

(mix in bowl and set aside)

Sliced Mild or spicy jalapeño cheese

Italian Copicola Meat sliced medium thin


Put the sandwich together in order of:


Lightly buttered and toasted Thomas’ English Muffin bottom then, slice of jalapeño cheese, slice of copicola meat, 3 ounces of pulled mojo pork, good drizzle of chipotle aioli, 3 large dill pickle slices and 3 rings of pickled onion then slightly toasted to of English muffin