Pooch Parade: Tika

Tika is a 10 year old Papillon. She came to Peanut's Place Small Breed Rescue when her owner could no longer care for her. She came to the rescue in deplorable condition. She hadn't been groomed in at least 3 years and her ears were matted flat to her head. Her teeth were rotting and she hadn't seen a vet in her entire life. Now, Tika lives the life of a pampered queen in a foster home with two other papillons. She loves her brief walks on the greenway or lounging on the porch. She never makes a peep and still has a lot of life and love to give. She's housebroken and sleeps in her dog bed. She would love a home of her own where she will be cherished like the royalty of her French ancestors. 


For more information on Tika, please visit www.peanutsplacerescue.org and fill out an application.