"Pretty White Trash" and Reindeer dog

White trash snack mix

2 cups chex mix
2 cups nut Cheerios
1 cup peanuts or nut of choice
2 bags of holiday M&M's
1 bag of mini pretzels
2 bags of white chocolate chips or wafers

Mix together all ingredients...except chocolate
Stir and separate into 2 large bowls
Melt the white chocolate as directed on package
Pour over mix and stir until all pieces are covered
Pour snack mix onto wax paper to cool for about 10 minutes
Break apart and put in mason jars or other containers for pretty white trash Christmas treats

Reindeer Donuts

Chocolate covered mini donuts - Reindeer
Red M&M's - nose
Mini pretzels - antlers
Mini white chocolate chips - eyes

Break apart pretzels and place into the top of donut for antlers
Place the red M&M in the center of donut for the nose
Place mini white chocolate chips for eyes