RECIPE: Scallops with Baby Spinach & Brown Butter Caper Sauce

Scallops with Baby Spinach & Brown Butter Caper Sauce
Yield: 4 portions
16 ea     Large Scallops, u-10
2 tbsp    Canola Oil
1 tbsp    Butter, cubed
2 tbsp    Olive Oil
As needed    Kosher Salt
4 cups    Baby Spinach
3 tbsp    Butter, cubed
1 tbsp    Capers, small
2 tbsp    Capers, whole berries
3 tbsp    Lemon Segments
2 tbsp    Chopped Parsley
2 cups    Croutons
As Needed    Fleur De Sel (sea salt)
1.    Lay out the scallops on a tray and dab with paper towels until very dry. Season lightly with salt
2.    Bring a saute pan over medium high heat and add canola oil.
3.    Begin searing scallops in saute pan, making sure not to crowd the pan, when scallops release from the pan on the initial sear side add the first measurement of butter and flip each scallop. Finish cooking while basting with butter as it melts. Set aside.
4.    Place 1 cup of baby spinach on each serving plate for a bed for the scallops.
5.    In another saute pan, add the second measurement of butter and bring to brown, add capers, lemon and parsley.
6.    To plate, place 4 scallops on each bed of spinach, drizzle sauce all over scallops and spinach, and garnish with a few croutons each