The Daily Special: Butt Rubbin

Butt Rubbin

8-10 # Fresh Bone In Boston Butt

Kosher Salt

Course Ground Pepper

Ample Amount of Boone's Luv Rub

You will need a good size sheet tray or pan for seasoning.

Liberally apply the salt & pepper first.

Apply ample of the rub

Rub seasoning into pork

Cover meat & let the rub sink in overnight or a minimum or 4 hours

Prior to smoking the Pork should be room temp

Put room temp meat in Smoker. Use your choice of wood to smoke the meat

Smoke the meat for 12-13 hours or until the internal temp reaches 200 degrees

Rest meat for 2 hours before pulling meat

Use on of Boone's premium sauces as a finishing touch to your BBQ masterpiece