1 year later: Still no suspects in fatal Plaza Midwood shooting

“There is usually someone who knows something that can help us,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Deputy Chief Jess Estes said at a press conference on Monday.

So far, that person hasn't come forward to tell police who gunned down 26-year-old Kétie Jones one year ago in Plaza Midwood. 

Kétie was killed in the early morning of October 15, 2016 while walking home after a night out with friends.

“It's still kind of a nightmare,” Kétie’s mom, Jevona Livingston, said in an interview FOX 46’s Robin Kanady did with her last year.          

Today, Jevona says she just doesn't have it in her to talk right now, but she wants everyone to know this:

“It has been a long hard year. I miss my Kétie died so desperately. I can honestly say that I made it through the year by thinking she was still with us only to be reminded daily that this wasn't true."

One year after the murder CMPD says the case is still "wide open" with no suspects.

“The same difficulty in this case is the same difficulty we have in every unsolved case is that someone who knows something hasn't come forward most of our cases are solved by someone who gives information to us,” Estes said.

Police don't know if Kétie knew her killer or if the attack on her was random, and they aren't saying if anything was taken from Kétie.

Fresh flowers have been placed at the driveway behind the real estate business on Hamorton Place, just off the Plaza where Kétie 's body was found.

Police are once again pleading with the community for answers in Kétie's murder and every unsolved homicide.

“For everything that's wrong in society this is a chance to make something right in society by stepping forward and giving these families some peace,” Estes said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact CMPD. To learn more about this case, read through our past coverage: 

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