1-year-old killed after family's golf cart hits pothole, overturns

FOX 46 is working to get results for a neighborhood in Iredell County after neighbors say a poorly maintained road took the life of a one-year-old.

NCDOT says they’ve been meeting with neighbors as early as March of this year. The road is now in such bad shape that even the state can’t take over until it’s improved.

Portions of Pintail Run Lane, just outside Mooresville, are crumbling.

“I have done all my years of complaining and I don’t know who else to call or what else to do. It’s a shame that a loss of life occurred on this road,” said neighbor, Dave Sirota.

A one-year-old boy was killed Sunday when a golf cart he was riding in with his family overturned. Highway patrol says a pothole caused the steering wheel on the cart to malfunction.

FOX 46 found Pintail Run Lane is not within Mooresville town limits, so public works is not responsible for the road. Counties in North Carolina also aren’t responsible for roads. A sign says even the state can’t fix the road.

“They just sold the lots off and didn’t have a state maintained right of way to come in here,” said one neighbor.

Neighbors say that was back in the 70s, but they’ve been trying to get their road maintained for decades.

“The ones that are here and have tried to get something done they’ve all met and tried to talk it out, but I think the last price we got to put it back like it is, is $270,000,” said another neighbor.

Taxpayers paying for their own road?

NCDOT confirms to FOX 46 Charlotte, although rare, that is the case. Since 1992 neighbors have petitioned multiple times for the road to become state maintained.

A NCDOT spokesperson says the road does not meet their standards and since it’s a private road they can’t do anything to fix it.

FOX 46 was told in some extreme cases a county will allocate money to make improvements to a private road so the state can take over. In that case property taxes are often increased so the county can get their money back.

FOX 46 reached out to the Iredell County Manager, but we did not hear back.