10 people shot, 2 fatally at busy sports bar in Lancaster

Two people are dead after a shooting inside Ole Skool Sports Bar and Grill on Old Charlotte Rd. in Lancaster. 10 people were shot, four victims had to be airlifted to regional hospitals while four others were rushed to local hospitals. One other person was injured during a fall while running for cover.

Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said they have identified a person of interest and believe the shooting stemmed from an ongoing beef between two people. According to Faile, the evening turned violent when the two people encountered each other inside the club.

“Well it’s absolutely frustrating when we get a call at 2:45 in the morning, there’s been 10 people shot just because one person can’t get along with the other and they turn to guns and go in there and victimize several,” said Faile.

Officers arrived at the nightclub in six minutes but 39-year-old Henry Lee Colvin of Rock Hill and 38-year-old Aaron Harris from Kershaw were found dead at the scene.

“Things like that don’t happen here and it’s a nice quiet town so when you tell me this has happened it’s shocking, outrageous,” said a man who works nearby.

“I think it’s crazy the way young people are killing each other,” said a man watching police investigate the scene.

Sheriff Faile addressed the mass shooting saying, “I don’t think all of these people were intended victims. I think most of them were at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Several cars were still parked inside the crime scene while officers collected evidence outside. At least 40 markers were scattered around the club and across the street by investigators. According to Faile, the shooting started inside the club where guns aren’t even allowed.  “These folks that we’re dealing with shouldn’t have guns to begin with. They’re prohibited from having guns to begin with,” Faile said.

People who live in the area are angry and fearful.

“If you have problems like that, hey keep it at home.”

“We ain't kids, we ain’t teenagers. We got grown people that’s 30, 40 years old acting like they're 17 years old, let’s stop that too.”

“I just listened and then I went back to sleep not knowing that it was right here down the road."

Sheriff Faile is asking anyone who was here last night who may have information to come forward.