10-year-old serves as reminder that holidays can be happy even in the hospital

Seven years ago, on Christmas Eve, doctors at Atrium Health’s Levine Children’s Hospital performed a kidney transplant on a young boy named Jordan.

For Jordan’s family, they were experiencing a range of emotions: it was the holiday season, they were spending all of their time inside the hospital and were concerned about the young boy’s health. At the time, Jordan was just 3 years old.

“It was like the perfect storm coming together and we didn’t know how to get through it. We entrusted in the hospital and care team to give us instruction…we were definitely overwhelmed with everything we were going through,"  said father Cisco Ocampo.

Fast forward to now, Jordan is a thankful, vibrant 10-year-old. Today, he’s doing well. He’s the middle child of three kids, sandwiched between younger sister 4-year-old Amelia Hope and 12-year-old Luke. His family sat down with FOX 46 Charlotte to offer hope to others this Christmas holiday.

“It definitely has not been an easy ride,” Cisco said. “Without our faith we wouldn’t be here.”

This week, the family is celebrating Christmas, and, Jordan’s journey. His mom and dad credit their faith, and, the hospital care they received.

“Everyone that was there at the time to care for us, their very last words would be is there anything else they can do to care for us…and that meant everything to me,” Cisco said. 

Year after year, workers at the pediatric hospital go above and beyond to make patient care as enjoyable as possible during the month of December, from decorations to even gifts, some of which is funded through donations. 

When Jordan was a patient he spent three weeks at the children’s hospital. The staff said the holiday additions are an effort to make families feel at home, even though they aren’t.

While Jordan is no longer a patient, he represents the many patients who will have the opportunity to have the same type of experience he did: a hospital staff, working around the clock on the holidays and going above and beyond to bring a smile to the faces of young children during their sickest moments.

Jordan’s older brother, Luke, received a kidney transplant in 2014, also at Levine Children’s Hospital.