11-year-old accused of putting needles in Halloween candy

On Halloween, the Rowan County Sheriff's Office received a report about a 12-year-old child being injured by a sewing needle while eating a pice of candy. 

The child only suffered minor injuries, and sheriff's deputies responded to the home to investigate. The needle was found in a Snickers candy bar, deputies say. A search of the child's candy revealed that a second Snickers bar also had a needle in it. 

Parent Vickie Peacock sent a photo to FOX 46 when she reportedly discovered dangerous objects in her child's candy. 


On Nov. 1, a second family reported finding a needle in a Snickers bar. The family said that the children received the candy from the same neighborhood as the first family reported-- the Grace Ridge subdivision.

Detectives continued to investigate, and told the community about the needles that were found. Candy was collected and examined trough X-ray, but no other objects were found. 

During the course of the investigation, an 11-year-old who reportedly visits relatives in the Grace Ridge area was determined to be the suspect. Detectives say the child slid the needles into the candy through the wrappers and that they "would be very difficult to detect."

The child has been referred to the Rowan County Juvenile Court, and faces felony charges of distribution of certain food at Halloween containing foreign object, however, the child will undergo a mental evaluation before the court proceedings begin.