12-year-old asks Santa for a healthy heart for his mom

Photo via WGHP

HOUSTON, Texas -- A 12-year-old Texas boy is hoping for a true Christmas miracle, and he's turning to Santa Claus for help, WGHP reported.

Arnulfo Guerra Jr. wrote a letter to Santa asking for his mother to get the heart transplant she needs.

The letter read:

Dear Santa,

I believe in you and the miracles, Santa I don't want toys for me, only I want a (healthy) heart for my mom, she's sick, her diagnostic is transposition of the great (arteries) (T.G.A). I'm sad for her she's 46 years and I only 12, next March 18 I will be 13 teen, we need her for many years more, me and my Dad pray all days for mom. Only I want is to see my mom (healthy) and happy.

Thanks Santa,

Love you!!

On Friday, firefighters with Channelview Fire Department visited the Guerra family to drop off presents.